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Irish Super Casino Plans Scuppered By New Legislation

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The backers of a proposed €460 million Las Vegas-style ‘Irish super casino
in County Tipperary in Ireland must be fuming, after the country’s Justice
Minister, Alan Shatter, effectively blocked the project, citing soon-to-be
introduced Irish gambling and betting legislation as the reason for his

According to the new Ireland gambling and betting legislation (which
is expected to be ready by the spring), there is no room for ‘super’ land
casinos in the country – which the proposed the Las Vegas-style’ land casino at
Two-Mile-Borrisin would have been – but instead a number of ‘modest’ land
casinos across the Emerald Isle.

Last week Mr Shatter announced that the proposed super casino for County
Tipperary would not be allowed to go ahead. He also ruled out the introduction
of modern slot machines with fixed returns in the future, which Irish gambling
operators and thousands of Irish gambling fans have been eagerly expecting for
some time.

New Legislation Will Dictate Size of Irish Casinos

‘The new legislation will deal with online and other forms of remote betting and
gaming in Ireland, as well as address loopholes,’ said the Justice Minister. ‘It
will also take into account the blurring of the lines between betting and
gambling, especially in online gambling operations. We’ve made very specific
decisions in the public interest, which include a decision that we will not be
making provision for resort-style casinos.’

Mr Shatter went on to say that the Irish government felt it was the right time
to review the country’s gambling laws.

‘The shortcomings in the current law, for example the absence of any regulation
of online gambling, are exposing young people and other vulnerable persons to
unacceptable risks. The exchequer is also being short-changed because of the
absence of a taxation regime for online and other forms of remote gambling,’ he

The Justice Minister explained that Ireland’s existing gambling laws are not
equipped to deal with the country’s current gambling situation, which is why so
many unlicensed private members’ clubs have continued to operate until now,
despite being prosecuted in court. As such, he said, Ireland needs to ‘catch up
with changes in technology and in public attitudes’ without delay.

‘The present laws are not adequate to deal even with aspects of gambling which
they were intended to cover. For instance, attempts to curtail unlicensed
private members’ clubs, including prosecutions, have been unsuccessful,’ said

New Modest Casinos Will be Limited in Ireland

With regards to the modest casinos Ireland’s new gambling and betting
legislation is expected to encourage, Mr Shatter confirmed that the number will
be limited and each and every application will be subjected to rigorous checks,
including thorough and extensive checks of the promoters.

The Justice Minister said that only gambling operators that meet the highest
standards with regards to personal and financial probity will be considered for
a coveted Irish gambling license.

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