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Israeli Online Casinos

Israeli Online Casinos

Israeli Online Casinos

Although gambling is extremely popular in Israel, only certain types of gambling – such as the national lottery and sports betting – are permitted
by the government, while traditional casino games are not. With regards to online gambling, however, the Israeli government has chosen not to license
and regulate the popular internet activity which is why there are no private Israeli online casinos in operation.

Supported Languages Hebrew, Arabic
Currencies Israeli Shekel (ILS)
Preferred Payment Methods Credit Cards

Gambling In Israel

Although gambling is very popular in Israel, the only forms of gambling permitted by the government are sports betting and the national lottery.
And unfortunately for Israeli gambling fans, traditional casino game are not allowed except for on special cruise ships docked at Israel’s larger
port cities.

The government organisation Mifal Hapayis oversees Israel’s national lottery and the Israeli Commission for Sports Gambling directs all sports
betting activities. But despite Israel’s strict gambling laws, the country has spawned a robust ‘underground’ gambling industry rumoured to be
worth in excess of $3.5 billion per annum.

Online Gambling In Israel

Although some forms of land gambling are permitted in Israel, online gambling is not one of them. And while many Israeli gambling fans would
like to see online gambling licensed and regulated, the government is unlikely to do so. In fact, the only online gambling sites permitted to
operate from Israel are the country’s national lottery and sports betting sites, both of which are government-controlled.

And while the government has attempted to block its citizens from accessing many foreign-owned and operated online casinos at an ISP level,
this method of internet blocking or ‘filtering’ is not 100 percent effective, which is why many Israelis continue to play at such sites undetected.
Some foreign sites even offer Hebrew language versions for Israeli players.

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