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Ryanair to Introduce In-Air Online Gambling

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In these tough economic times, most businesses around the world have been
forced to tighten their belts, including airlines, which are famous for their
massive overheads and small margins, which is why budget British airline
is seeking new ways to generate additional reviews and cut costs.

According to an announcement this week, one of the ways the airline is hoping to
create additional revenues is by introducing a state-of-the-art in-flight
online gambling
service, where during flights passengers can play a
selection of popular casino games, presumably depositing funds using their
credit cards.

Said a Ryanair spokesperson, ‘Ryanair’s onboard gaming systems are still in the
development-and-research phase with the focus on launching the service in three
to five years, perhaps even sooner.’ Ryanair famously first announced plans to
implement an in-flight online gambling system for its passengers in 2005.

As yet, Ryanair executives have not revealed who they would partner with to
provide the in-flight online gambling software and facilities, but they have
admitted that online gambling is just one of the ideas they are toying with to
help overcome the recession. However, some of their other ideas may seem a
little unusual.

One of which is to eliminate airport check-ins and luggage checks. According to
reports, this means that passengers may end up carrying their own luggage to the
respective airport terminals, where it would be loaded directly into large cargo
bins which would be loaded onto the respective Ryanair aircraft.

If implemented, the move would save Ryanair millions of pounds in check-in staff
costs, and help passengers make their way faster through airports. Said Ryanair
CEO Michael O’Leary, ‘We are looking at eliminating checked luggage and airport
check-ins, as well as introducing an in-flight online gambling service.’

Currently the budget airline operates predominantly between Ireland and Great
Britain, as well as to Amsterdam, various cities in Germany, and a handful of
other European destinations. And with online gambling already popular throughout
most of Europe, Ryanair’s online gambling plans should prove successful.

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