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UK Online Payment Processor Enters U.S. Gambling Market

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The U.S. online gambling market bears an uncanny similarity to J.R.R.
Tolkien’s book The Hobbit, which contains a fierce fire-blowing dragon that sits
atop and protects a pile of gold and jewels. The dragon is the U.S. Justice
Department and the riches is the lucrative U.S. online gambling industry.

The trick for online gambling firms who want to tap, or should that read
‘re-tap’, into the U.S. online gambling industry is to get past the dragon. But
this is no easy feat as the only way past the beast is for the U.S. government
to reverse its draconian ‘anti-online gambling laws’ and to legalize and open up
its industry.

While it is unknown when or even if this is likely to happen, one intrepid UK
online payment processing firm, UC Group Ltd, is making moves to ensure
that as soon as the evil dragon has been slain, it will already have a foothold
in the United States and be ready to process U.S. online gambling transactions.

On Tuesday last week, UC Group announced that it has launched a U.S. subsidiary
called SecureTrading Inc, which will pounce as soon as the U.S.
government reverses the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA), the
legislation that was passed in October 2006 that became the dreaded dragon.

Said SecureTrading chairman, Chris Thom, ‘Momentum for regulating online
gambling in the United States has been building for some time. As Congress
prepares to take the final step, SecureTrading Inc’s turnkey system is ready and
primed to enable our customers to go live the moment online gambling is

UC Group uses an online payment processing system that protects customers
through a series of checks that verifies that they are of legal gambling age and
live in areas where online gambling transactions are permitted. SecureTrading is
expected to offer U.S. customers the same levels of service and protection.

SecureTrading will even offer customers a problem gambling facility, where if
they suspect they have a problem, customers can choose from many ‘self-exclusion
options’, as well as utilize real-time online help which is manned by staff who
have been specially trained to help people with gambling addiction issues.

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