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A great option for those who enjoy poker
A great option for those who enjoy poker

The popular casino game of video poker exploded in land casinos in the
late 1970s and early 1980s, providing gambling fans with an easy, personal and
lucrative way to play and win at poker. Since then, video poker has become as
integral a part of land and online casino gambling as slots and table games.

In fact, being one of the first true ‘video games’ ever developed, video
has probably made the easiest transition into online casinos due to
its computer graphic format. Today online video poker is available in plenty of
5-card draw variants including Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces, Jacks or Better and
many more.

The great thing about video poker is that it is very easy to play, although
you’ll require a basic knowledge of poker to master this game. Here are the
video poker rules.

The object of video poker is to make a winning 5-card poker hand as per the
standard 5-card draw hand rankings (see below). The better your hand, the more
you’ll win. Regardless of the video poker variant you are playing, each hand
starts the same way. Once you’ve selected your ideal bet size, simply click
‘Deal’. You’ll automatically be dealt five cards.

If you have a winning hand, you must ‘hold’ the winning cards. For instance, if
you are playing Jacks or Better video poker (which means the lowest possible
winning hand is a pair of Jacks) and you are dealt a pair of Jacks, you must
hold onto the Jacks (although most online video poker games will hold all
winning cards for you automatically).

Once held, click the deal button again and all of your cards that were not held
(in the above example three) will be replaced with new cards. If either or all
of the new cards did not improve your pair of Jacks, you’ll be paid out for a
pair Jacks. If you were dealt a third Jack, you’ll be paid out for Three of a
Kind. If you were dealt another pair, 5s for instance, you’ll be paid out on Two
Pairs and so forth.

Gambling Feature

And that’s the video poker basics covered. But there is another feature that
most online video poker games boast called the ‘Gamble’ or ‘Double’ feature. The
way this feature works is that whenever you win, most video poker games will
give you the option to collect your winnings or double the full amount of your
winnings or double half the amount of your winnings. If you click Collect, you
retain your original winnings and the next hand begins.

If you choose Double (and risk all of your winnings) or Double Half (and risk
half of your winnings), the dealer will deal five cards face down except for the
first card. You then have to choose one of the four face down cards and if it is
higher than the upturned card, you’ll double your winnings. If it is lower,
you’ll lose all or half or your winnings. You can choose to collect after each
successful double or double half or keep going for as long as your luck holds

Winning Video Poker Hands (from highest to lowest)

Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of  Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind
Two Pair
Jacks or Better

In terms of video poker strategy, the best way to win consistently is to learn
the odds of which cards to discard and which to hang on to. In addition, beware
of the Gamble feature. We would advise you to use the gamble feature only if
your winnings are equal to your initial bet. In other words, only if you get
your bet returned to you. If your winnings are higher than your initial bet,
always collect.

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