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Can the U.S. Legally Embrace Online Gambling

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If there is a silver lining to the U.S. online gambling debacle, it
has to be that the contentious issue is nothing but fascinating, at least for
folks lucky enough to live outside the United States in countries or territories
where they have the right and freedom to choose to gamble online or not.

In the United States, a country renowned for freedom of choice, as a citizen you
can pretty much eat, watch and say what you want. Heck, you can even join the
army and visit countries that don’t speak English to fight for that freedom. But
if you want to gamble online, you’ll be a big bad lawbreaker.

And it is this hypocrisy that has U.S. online gambling fans and international
online gambling firms
scratching their heads in confusion. Why in a country
where regular gambling, alcohol, binge eating, shock television, pornography and
hunting are legal, is online gambling considered such a taboo activity?

Perhaps the answer to that question lies in the psyche of a nation where the
unveiling of a pop star’s nipple (although capped) is considered to be more of 
a threat to its ‘moral fiber and core makeup’, than its government’s defiant act
of ignoring the rest of the world to leap into a bloody and expensive war.

However, the point of this article is not bash America, but to demonstrate how
hypocrisy can filter into and become acceptable in even the most ‘free and
democratic’ of countries. The question is if the U.S. government will ever
acknowledge this ‘hypocrisy’ and rectify it sooner rather than later?

The war, coupled with the recession, and the housing crises, has ensured that
U.S. government coffers are running on empty which is why a legalized and
regulated online gambling industry would make so much sense. In taxable revenues
alone, the government would bring in billions of dollars every year.

And all it has to do is look to its pals across the Atlantic, the UK, to see how
effective – for government, online gambling fans and online gambling operators –
a legalized and regulated online gambling industry can be. Fortunately the Obama
administration seems more capable of change than the last.

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