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Canadian Firm Launches Anti-Online Gambling Software

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For millions of people around the world, online gambling is lucrative,
exciting, entertaining, private and even sexy. However, for others online
gambling represents danger, addiction, underage and financial loss, which is why
a Canadian company has launched its own online gambling blocking software.

The Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC) has developed software called
, that seeks out online gambling URLs as well as online
gambling-related language and terminology in websites being accessed by the
user. If the software recognizes a gambling site, it blocks the user from
accessing it further.

BetStopper, the first online gambling blocking software in the world, was
developed by NSGC to prevent underage gambling. It resulted from a 2006 study
that showed how children are increasingly being drawn to the free games offered
on online gambling sites, many of whom wind up playing for real money.

Said NSGC president and CEO, Marie Mullally, ‘Children have grown up in an age
where technology plays a significant part in their leisure activity and their
ability to navigate the internet is exceptional. Underage online gambling is a
real problem and we are pleased to report that BetStopper is a real solution.’

Mullally also explained that the one of the biggest areas of concern is underage
sports betting. ‘Sports betting is a problem, especially for 14- to 17-year-old
males,’ she said. ‘That’s why we developed this effective prevention tool. As
the steward of the industry in our Province, we couldn’t sit by and let this

Before its launch, NSGC reportedly tested Betstopper on 250 participants for six
months. Once all the data was collected and collated, the software was found to
have a 98 percent success rate in blocking online gambling sites. BetStopper
software is now available via a free download from the NSGC website.

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