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Glue Pay

Glue Pay provides a secure and instant online bank deposit and transfer method for funding purchases at online merchants. It is available around the clock and is used in conjunction with your own bank account, without the need to download and install any additional software. It functions as an online clearing house for transactions, routing these transactions from your own bank to the online merchant from whom you are making your purchase. It uses inter-bank transfer processes and technology to make this possible. Glue Pay is currently only available to customers situated in Finland, Sweden, Poland and Estonia.

Glue Pay differs from some of the other online payment facilitation mechanisms in that it is not an eWallet into which you deposit funds and then use those funds to pay for things that you buy online. Instead, you link it up with your bank account and then select it as your payment method at an online merchant. You provide your Glue Pay details and you are then immediately transferred to your online banking facility. Here you log in, to ensure complete security and prevent unauthorised use of funds through your Glue Pay account. You then authorise the transaction within your own banking interface and the amount is transferred via Glue Pay to the merchant. All of this happens instantly in real time, so that the transfer is effectively processed immediately – meaning that you don’t have to wait to download or take delivery of what you have bought.

Glue Pay is run and managed by Glue Finance AB, a registered financial services provider in Sweden. It is entirely secure, with all financial transaction processes insulated from exposure while they are occurring online. In addition, the big advantage of using this as a purchaser, from a security point of view, is that you never have to give out any of your own personal banking details when you make a purchase from an online merchant on the Internet. At no point are these details necessary for the purchase, as Glue Pay uses behind the scenes processing in order to make the direct transfer of funds between your band and the merchant possible.

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