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Golden Casino Shuts Doors to U.S. Players

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The world of online gambling is so dynamic and fast-moving that it is often
hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not, which firm has acquired or
joined with which firm, which company has relocated to where, and what online
casinos accept players from which countries and so forth.

The good news for UK online gambling fans is that because they live in a country
that has not only legalized and regulated the popular internet activity, there
are very few – if any – online casinos and other gambling sites in the world
where they are not welcome. Sadly this not the case for U.S. players.

As a result of the current U.S. online gambling ban, and America’s
propensity to go after online gambling firms with its pit bull-like Justice
Department, many online gambling operations that once welcomed U.S. online
gamblers are being forced to rethink their ‘open door’ policy, like Golden

Golden Casino is the latest online casino to succumb from pressure exerted by
the Department of Justice to stop accepting players based in the States. The
move will not only impact Golden Palace’s revenues, but will come as a big blow
for U.S. gambling fans eager to sign up at the top online casino.

The decision to ‘block’ U.S. players is a direct result of Golden Casino being
sold recently. According to reports, the online gambling website’s new owners
are not eager to tangle with the U.S. Justice Department, which has gone after
and successfully prosecuted other online gambling firms and executives.

So as of December 1, 2009, Golden Casino will reportedly no longer accept any
new players from the U.S. And while the casino’s current American players may be
heaving a collective sigh of relief, the million dollar question is, of course,
for how much longer will they be allowed to play at Golden Casino?

The short answer is who knows. However, Golden Casino management reportedly
issued the following statement after news of the sale became public: ‘No cash
from players or affiliates will be unpaid, but no longer will new [U.S.] players
be able to register accounts with Golden Casino and deposit.’

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