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Pick your spots and see how many hits you can get
Pick your spots and see how many hits you can get

Keno is one of those unusual casino games that many people have heard of, but
have never played, and don’t know the rules. Perhaps this is not surprising
given that both land and online gambling fans are more likely to head over to
the slots, video poker games or the most popular table games like blackjack or
roulette first. The truth, however, is that if more gamblers gave keno a chance,
many would become hard and fast fans of the game that can be yield extremely
high payouts.

Thought to have originated during China’s Han Dynasty, keno is over 2000 years
old. It only arrived in the West sometime in the 19th century when it was
brought over to America by Chinese immigrants. The name keno is derived from
French and Latin words for the number ‘five’. Keno rules are very simple. In
fact so simple, that the game has even been compared to the traditional English
game of bingo or even the lottery, because the game involves the selection of

In keno, like in bingo, you are given a card containing blocks numbered from 1
to 80. First you choose your bet size and then you choose anywhere from 2 to 10
numbers by clicking on the respective blocks. You then click the ‘Play’ button
and the game will automatically draw 20 numbers. Depending on how many numbers
or ‘spots’ you chose to play, if any of the randomly drawn numbers match the
ones you chose, or ‘hit’, you’ll be paid out according to your respective online
casino and game’s payout table.

Obviously, the more correctly matched numbers you get, the bigger your winnings
will be. Typically, the house edge for the typical keno is between 4 and 66
percent. The rule of thumb with keno is that the more numbers you choose to play
(and thus higher your bets) the more numbers you stand to match, and thus more
money you stand to win.

Below we have highlighted the odds of getting 0 to 20 Hits on an average online
keno game:

0 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:843
1 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:86
2 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:20
3 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:8
4 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:4.8
5 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:4.2
6 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:5
7 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:9
8 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:20
9 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:61
10 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:254
11 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:1424
12 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:10969
13 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:118085
14 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:1821882
15 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:41751454
16 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:1496372111
17 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:90624035965
18 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:10512388171906
19 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:2946096785176811
20 Hits from 20 Spots – 1:3535316142212173800

In terms of keno strategy, here are a few tips that could help you win more than
you lose. First, you increase your odds of winning if you play between 3 and 8
spots and play the maximum bet. Second, don’t be afraid to select your spots in
patterns as well as completely randomly. Third, keep the same spots for a few
rounds, to help your chances of hitting them.

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