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Omanian Online Casinos

Omanian Online Casinos

Omanian Online Casinos

Oman, like many of its neighbours (such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen) is an Islamic nation which means it is very
conservative by western standards. It also means that traditional and online gambling are strictly forbidden in Oman on account of religious
beliefs. And for this reason Oman does not boast a single land casino nor any Omanian online casinos.

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Currencies US $ or GBP
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Gambling In Oman

Under Islamic law, gambling is prohibited in the Sultanate of Oman, a country that borders United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen
in the Middle East. As a result, Omanians do not have access to land casinos, poker venues, bingo halls, sports betting facilities or a
national lottery simply because none exist.

That said, camel racing is a very popular pastime in Oman, and although the law of land dictates that no bets may be placed on the
outcome of any camel race, the country boasts a thriving ‘underground’ camel betting industry. And while Omanian authorities have tried to
stamp out this practice, it continues to flourish.

Online Gambling In Oman

Online gambling is as equally prohibited in Oman as regular gambling, despite the fact a growing number of Omanians have access to the
internet. Due to Oman’s strict Islamic laws, its predominantly Muslim citizenship is strictly forbidden from partaking in any kind of
gambling over the internet.

So do not expect to see Omanian online casinos any time soon. However, for some Omanians, offshore online casinos offer what they seek.
This means Omanians willing to gamble online can do so provided a casino accepts them, and they have the means and method to fund their
casino accounts.

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