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Saudi Arabian Online Casinos

Saudi Arabian Online Casinos

Saudi Arabian Online Casinos

As a staunchly Islamic nation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia adheres to many of the rules and laws as laid down in the Koran, including the
rejection of any and all types of gambling. For this reason gambling is not permitted in Saudi Arabia, not even in the form of a national lottery,
and similarly online gambling is not permnitted which is why there are no Saudi Arabian online casinos.

Supported Languages Arabic
Currencies Riyal (SAR)
Preferred Payment Methods N/A

Gambling In Saudi Arabia

Because of religious beliefs, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of many Islamic nations that has prohibited gambling in its entirety. In fact,
the Islamic holy book the Koran is reported to contain passages that expressely forbid Muslims from partaking in gambling activities of any kind.

And for this reason alone, Saudi Arabia is a country devoid of casinos, poker rooms, bingo parlours, sports betting outlets or even a national
lottery. Being a Muslim nation, there is little chance that the status quo will change anytime soon where gambling in Saudi Arabia is concerned.

Online Gambling In Saudi Arabia

Like traditional gambling, online gambling is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia, which is why no Saudi Arabian online casinos have or will
ever be licensed and allowed to operate in the Kingdom. In fact, Saudi Arabian authorities are so against online gambling, that they have instituted
an internet ‘block’ at an ISP level to prevent Saudi citizens from accessing and playing at offshore-owned and operated online casinos and other
gambling sites.

Considering this method of blocking people from accessing certain websites is not foolproof, it must be assumed that some Saudis do frequent
offshore online gambling sites that accept them as players.

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