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Tips for Getting Started with Online Gambling

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Whilst the experience of land-based casinos is more appealing to some, a vast
majority are now being drawn to online casinos.

Although being served drinks and enjoying social interaction with gambling
peers no longer applies, there are infinite advantages to gambling from the
comfort of your own home. Obvious reasons include privacy, the freedom to gamble
at any time of the day and the absence of compulsive smokers and drinkers.

But there are many more reasons why there has been such a significant surge
in online gambling. For one, software developments ensure that gamblers receive
the latest graphics on an ongoing basis, with a host of features not afforded by
land-based casinos. At a roulette table, one click of a mouse can reset all bets
and poker machines are available in fifteen varying options with nine distinct
coin values. Table games can be played at much smaller denominations than at
land-based casinos. Payouts are considerably higher, sometimes as much as 99%.
Players can access their statements online to monitor win versus loss ratios.
Gamblers have multi-casino options. The list is endless.

If you are considering registering with an online casino operator to see what
all the fuss is about, there are some key guidelines to ensure you have a
pleasurable experience…

1. Be Selective

When considering an online casino, make sure you take into account whether or
not they offer a 24 hour customer support service to deal with your queries as
and when they arise. Ensure that they offer downloads that are safe and payment
platforms that are secure. It is advisable to select a casino that offers free
play so that you can test the merchandise for efficiency and likeability before
making a deposit. Ensure that you register with an operator that will gift you
with a sign-up bonus and intermittent frequent player “comp” rewards. Lastly,
make certain the casino you choose is legally licensed and is registered to
reputable governing and regulatory bodies.

The casino’s listed on this site offer all of the above, so you can simply
click on which one you prefer and get started.

2. Download

Once you are certain you have made the right choice in selecting your casino
operator, search for the button entitled “Download” or “Download Now”. Since
we’ve established that all the casino’s represented on this site are secure,
there is no need for concern if asked to enter your e-mail address. Simply enter
your e-mail address and click download.

3. Commence Installation

Once your download is complete, a new icon will appear on the desktop of your
computer. Either you will be prompted to finalise installation, or
alternatively, double click on the icon and installation will commence. Once the
software has been installed, a new online casino icon will appear on your
desktop. In order to run the casino software, simply double click the casino

4. Register

Upon double clicking the casino icon on your desktop, the program will open
and lead you to a casino lobby. Here, a new window will prompt you to register
with the casino. Simply click register and then fill in the required
information. “*” fields denote fields that are compulsory for you to enter. All
personal information required by the casino operator is utilised during the
withdrawal process, so ensure the information you provide is accurate. Once you
have completed the online form, simply click “submit” or “submit form”.

5. Password Receipt

During registration, you may have been asked to provide a username or
password of choice. Confirmation of these will be sent to you via e-mail. If you
were not asked to submit your own username and password, assigned login details
will be forwarded to you. Make certain that you store this information in a safe
place in case you forget your login details, and understand that you are
responsible for minors who may have access to your username and password.

6. Login and Play

Once you have received confirmation of your username and password, you can
log in. You will now have the option of free play or to start betting with real
money. In order to do the latter, you will either be prompted to continue to
banking, or alternatively, click on the icon that says “banking”, “cashier” or
“bank”. Here you will be able to buy chips using your credit card, debit card or
a variety of e-wallet solutions. Once your payment has been affected, return to
the casino lobby, click on the games menu, select a game and start winning!

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