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UK Online Bingo Sites Most Visible in Google

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In the highly competitive world of online gambling, where a website is ranked
in the world’s largest search engine, Google, is of paramount importance, and a
recent survey published in a leading online gambling magazine has revealed that
many UK online bingo sites are coming up trumps.

The survey was based on data collected from a whopping 1.6 million
gambling-related searches made on Google in March this year, which were then
broken down into 287 search terms by popularity. The researchers than compiled a
list of the websites that came up in first page positions for each term.

Interestingly, of the world’s 60 premier online bingo sites, 12 of them had a
Google visibility of over 10 percent. Top was Mecca Bingo with 61 percent
visibility, followed by Foxy Bingo with 56 percent, Dream Bingo with 55 percent,
888Ladies Bingo with 52 percent and Littlewoods Bingo with 49 percent.

This means that these five UK online bingo sites are reaping the rewards of
being so highly ranked in Google, as the name of the game in ecommerce is search
engine traffic. The higher a website is ranked, the higher the number of
visitors (traffic), which means more sign-ups and ultimately greater profits.

Anyone who understands the importance of search engine optimization (SEO)
understands that unless a website is high up on page one of the Google search
results for an important search term or keyword, it may as well be floating
around the Ganges River on a raft constructed of rice paper and napkins.

As such, the world’s top online gambling websites employ the best SEO experts to
try and get their sites ranked as high up in Google’s search results as
possible, as a couple of positions can mean the difference between generating
hundreds of thousands of pounds in business and millions of pounds in business.

Of course, online gambling sites that achieve lofty Google page rankings must be
able to deliver the goods and most do, as Google has become very adept at
sorting out the ‘chafe from the wheat’. Which is why online bingo sites like
Mecca Bingo and Foxy Bingo boast top rankings and high player loyalty.

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