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Yemeni Online Casinos

Yemeni Online Casinos

Yemeni Online Casinos

Like its neighbouring countries, gambling is not permitted in the Middle Eastern nation of Yemen for religious reasons. As an Islamic nation,
Yemen boasts a predominantly Muslim population which lives according to the word of the Koran. And it is written in the Koran that gambling is
not an activity any Muslim should partake in. Hence why Yemen is a gambling-free zone, and why there are no Yemen online casinos.

Supported Languages Arabic
Currencies Rial (YER)
Preferred Payment Methods N/A

Gambling In Yemen

Due to religious reasons, gambling is strictly forbidden in Yemen. Because like neighbouring Saudi Arabia, Oman and the UAE, Yemen is a
nation of Islam, a religion that follows the holy book the Koran. And in the Koran it has been written that gambling is an activity that good
Muslims should not take part in.

As such, Yemen is a gambling-free zone which does not have even a national lottery, never mind a single sports betting, bingo or casino venue.
It is highly unlikely that the gambling situation in Yemen will change anytime soon, which is why the nation is in no risk of becoming a gambling
‘hotspot’ in the Middle East.

Online Gambling In Yemen

As gambling is prohibited in the desert country of Yemen, so too is online gambling. As a highly religious country, Yemen citizens are not
encouraged to gamble at all, never mind over the internet. In fact, because online gambling is not licensed or regulated, Yemen online casinos
do not exist, and doubtless never will.

While there may be a few Yemen citizens that choose to gamble at online casinos owned and hosted offshore, it is doubtful that they number
very many. Add to that the fact Yemen authorities reportedly have put measures in place to block citizens from accessing various types of
websites, foreign online casinos included.

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